CCA Film Program

Film Program

The Brief:

CCA is the largest regionally accredited, independent school of art and design in the western United States. They wanted us to profile their Media Arts program as it morphed to become the college’s new Film Program.

The Challenge:

We were hand-selected to produce this video by Film Department Chair Rob Epstein. He has two Academy Awards for documentary filmmaking, so we wanted to create a piece that went deeper and conveyed the human spirit of innovation and change. However, the school’s program was literally changing as we shot. It was midterm time, and nobody on campus wanted to talk.

The Solution:

No stages. No sets. We became part of the school and sought out the candid moments of real story. Who are these students? Why are they here? Why are any of us here? Our documentary approach and intellectual curiosity made the students and faculty open up to us, providing great access and a video with tremendous insight into art, film and change.