Why Melo Cut His Hair

Electronic Arts

The Brief:

Denver Nugget’s superstar Carmelo Anthony decides to shave his trademark cornrows, and EA wants us to make a viral video about it.

The Challenge:

We wrote a script on the airplane. To shoot footage of the infamous haircut, we showed up at Anthony’s house the next night at 10 p.m. (Halloween night, no less) where he’s hanging out with his friends, playing poker and EA’s NBA Live. Oh yes, and Melo’s in a funk, of sorts, and doesn’t feel like performing.

The Solution:

One of Anthony’s more emotive guests becomes a natural leading man, so we start feeding him lines for the film. We coax Melo to play along and for 10 minutes we film the two in a video game showdown. We shoot the haircut very carefully and piece it all together in post production. Two days later: the video passes 1,000,000 hits on YouTube and makes prime-time network news on ESPN’s SportsCenter.