Electronic Arts

NBA Triple Double with Dwight Howard

The Brief:

Electronic Arts partners with the NBA to take over a gallery in NYC for a weekend of videogames, basketball history, and art. They’ve tapped Dwight Howard as the weekend’s Grand Marshal and he’ll host the kick-off video if we can get there in time to shoot it.

The Challenge:

Turns out, Dwight is nothing but a pleasure to work with, and a natural host on camera. The Challenge, we learn, is that Electronic Arts wants to use their day with him to film four separate videos. Talent has been flown in from Los Angeles, they want a working game console in Herald Square (yes, that’s where the Thanksgiving Day Parade happens), and they’ve got a flash mob coming. Oh, and we only have Dwight for three hours.

The Solution:

Well, we love and challenge and we certainly love Electronic Art’s unmatched ability to queue one up for us! Turned out the day was as simple as running 6 camera teams, a crew of 45, two on-site edit stations, befriending one crotchety building manager (thank you Oskar!), and making sure everyone took the subway (it was World Leaders day at the UN). Dwight Howard’s edit was on Facebook that evening, and keep an eye out here for all the other fun we had that day.