Kate Bingaman- Burt

Museum of Contemporary Craft

The Brief:

Dedicated to craft (“both the noun and the verb”) for seventy years, a local nonprofit organization asked us to create three promotional videos to raise awareness of the Museum of Contemporary Craft’s fundraising efforts and to promote their upcoming feature documentary film Handmade Nation.

The Challenge:

We had to find and excite craft artisans across the nation, reaching out for their untold stories to help express the urgency of the Museum of Contemporary Craft’s funding shortage. Oh, and needless to say, the MCC had severely limited cash for the project. Do-it-yourself to the core!

The Solution:

We embraced the zero-budget aesthetic. Our production went experimental, with all crew members given cameras and creative license as we toured local exhibits, swap meets and galleries. Blending stills, time-lapse and local music, our final videos propagated across the Web, helped sell out three shows of the documentary, and began a collaboration between Porter Panther and the MCC that continues to this day.

Happy side note: Within months, Kate Bingaman-Burt, a featured artist in our work, is also featured in articles in Dwell, Make and Craft magazines.