The Brief:

A “haunter” is someone who loves to scare: an extreme Halloween enthusiast, if you will. To profile this quirky subculture, Porter Panther wrote, directed, produced and edited this documentary film.

The Challenge:

We searched the U.S. over a two year period to find haunter eccentrics for the film. Our quest for haunters took us to some of the oddest haunted house events Halloween has to offer: The Haunted Trail, Terrorzone, Creep Castle, Shit Pants Creek.

The Solution:

A testament to Porter Panther’s ability to find wide appeal in niche subjects, Haunters became our tribute to people of all stripes who are more ridiculed than revered. “Film Threat” magazine gave “Haunters” a four-out-of-four-star review and called it one of the best films ever made about Halloween. The film continues to play annually, and several people in the film have become famous (uh, in that Rich Hanf, King of Gore, sort of way.)