ICS Redzaw

Grady Britton

The Brief:

ICS makes burly chainsaws. Home Depot sells those chainsaws to construction professionals and weekend warriors. The ad agency Grady Britton asked us to make a video hyping a new saw for that big consumer audience.

The Challenge:

We needed to embrace the primal mood of power tools to create a high-octane, kinetic, quality production to promote a concrete saw that could literally cut down the walls that stand between us.

The Solution:

With a love for mood and drama as our guide, we found a demolition site where we could let the saws rip. We shot a bunch of tough guys in action on Super-8, 16mm, SD and HD–eight cameras in all–while they cut a concrete wall to shreds. Shooting on film made it sexy; mixing it with interviews and satisfied customers made it sell. ICS has since revised this video to include it in other company branding efforts, as well.