Kobe Lakers Launch


The Brief:

It’s days before the Laker’s home game on Christmas Day. In a last-minute decision, Nike will take over the stadium at half-time in honor of Kobe’s new shoe and free pair giveaway promotion. Multiple assets are need, including an arenamation.

The Challenge:

What’s an arenamation? And some business about a DAK1 board. A little research later, turns out The Staples Center has some very cool, although strangely shaped, video screens.

The Solution:

Once specs were defined, we created the weirdest looking frame sizes we’ve ever worked with, and began generating footage through our screen capture hardware. What you see here is the main videoscreen – the arenamation is 5040 pixels by 24 pixels, and doesn’t exactly fit outside of the stadium wrap-around setting! Bottom line: the stadium take over is a hit, millions participate in the contest, and TNT covers the spectacle during the halftime show.