The Auteur

Feature Film

The Brief:

Fresh off the success of Film Geek, we jumped at the chance to produce James Westby’s next independent feature.

The Challenge:

Westby’s script for The Auteur spanned decades, included films-within-a-film, needed 12 sets built, involved extras, and included a lead who had to lose 40 pounds over the course of the shoot for the story. As an independent feature, it also lacked major studio advertising resources.

The Solution:

Commence guerilla production and digital distribution strategy! We broke the shooting schedule into two sections, allowing for the weight change of our lead and allowing us to divide and conquer on the structural complexity of the film. We created international attention for the film using social media.

Ultimately (and somewhat surprisingly), The Auteur became not only a successful film, but the poster child for modern indie-film digital distribution. Variety called it “hilarious and heartfelt.” A YouTube clip topped 10,000,000 views. The film played seven sold out shows at Tribeca Film Festival and went on tour across Europe, South America and Asia.