The Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

Short Film

The Brief:

Byrd wrote, directed and Davis produced.  We set out to make a visceral exploration of the darker realms of human psychology.  Powered by a heartbreaking performance by Leslie Taylor, and stark cinematography born from the austerity of  Oregon’s natural landscapes.

The Challenge:

For this film, we became the first production company in the Northwest to use a RED camera. RED is small enough to use in a car, superior in low light conditions and produces 35mm film quality with digital cost efficiency. There was only one real problem: No one this side of L.A. had any experience with the RED camera.

The Solution:

We put together a dream team of talent and explored all the possibilities of this new technology. We developed our own in-house RED post-production facilities and put together a film that won the audience choice award at its first festival screening. Since then, “The Lady Who Swallowed A Fly” has played festivals in North America and Europe.