The Parking Ticket

Electronic Arts

The Brief:

In New York on an unrelated project, Porter Panther is asked by EA to      film tennis legend John McEnroe and promote the release of the new       game “Grand Slam Tennis.”

The Challenge:

Logistical complications are common, but none have been as wild as this one. With only 45 minutes to work, we filmed McEnroe going about his daily routine in NYC. In what must be a land-speed record, we managed 15 different setups. Only afterwards would we have time to figure out what to do with the footage.

The Solution:

The next day, we reviewed the footage and enlisted the improv comedy troupe, Upright Citizens Brigade, to shoot several more scenes. Then, we blended footage from both days. We formed a collaborative Petri dish in which we and the client collectively found a great campaign. Even McEnroe contributed story ideas!