Sims 3: Schtinky

Electronic Arts

The Brief:

The Sims simulates life itself, which means diehard fans play the game for every reason under the sun. EA asked us to create a video campaign showing who these fans are.

The Challenge:

Filmed during EA’s three-day market research “summer camp,” one challenge was to figure out how The Sims connects with people from all over the world. A production limitation added an even bigger second challenge: we would not be able to shoot b-roll footage of the interviewees.

The Solution:

Although we wanted authentic stories, a series of “talking heads” simply would not do, so we dove into the revolutionary technology of machinima (using the graphics engine from video games to create footage of actual game play). That gave us a wonderful live-action b-roll, which in turn took the creative visuals to a new level, allowed fans to tell their stories, and saved money, all at the same time.