The Sims 3 Creator Camp

Electronic Arts

The Brief:

The Sims videogame has created an immense and tightly-knit core community spread out across the globe. To celebrate the release of the third installment of the hugely popular game, Electronic Arts brought 20 of the community’s most active participants (called Creators) to a week-long Sims 3 summer camp.

The Challenge:

The Sims 3 Creator Camp was a nonstop affair. From sunup to sundown, the guest Creators were brought behind-the-scenes at The Sims headquarters. Plus, intimate profiles of these gamers needed to be produced, all without hindering the goal of the week: to thank the game’s biggest champions, energize their excitement around the new Sims, and to enrich the game with real-time feedback.

The Solution:

In order to capture all the excitement and energy of the week, we ran multiple units and camped out right along side the Creators. This allowed us to create relationships with the Creators from all over the world, authentically document the experience, and learn all the different reasons people fall in love with The Sims. We even became Sims fans ourselves.